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Course -Taller and Tour "Connoisseur" A fun experience to learn Tequila & Mezcal
Course -Taller and Tour "Connoisseur" A fun experience to learn Tequila & Mezcal 

Tequila Culture Expeditions, a new learning experience of Tequila & Mezcal you  won´t forget!


  Travel Schedule from Friday 


   1st day (friday) we will do a tasting of white Tequilas, we will know the process of the first Tequila                   Factory and we will learn the basics of the Industry.


    Origins of Tequila (Volcano - Town - Beverage - AO)

    Appelations of Origin (Lisbon Agreement for the Protection of Appellations of Origin and their International                        Registration)

    Terroir concept

    The Agave´s family belong to Asparagacea 

    Agave Tequilana Weber (blue Agave)

    Tequila NOM, numbers of the industry (brands & distilleries)

    Protocols of a Professional Taste Meeting (Cata)

    Visit the process of the first Distillery 

     Blancos Tequila Taste Meeting (3 different products, (High lands, Low lands and another state)


    2nd Day (saturday) we will do a tasting of Mezcal´s, from different concept of production, we will know          the process of the second Distillery and learn about the process and maturity in barrels.


     Cooking on different ovens

     Milling (traditional (Barbacoa for Mezcal & Tequila our ancestors), industrial & efficiently)


     Distilling on different ways

     The barrel concept of maturity.

      Mezcal NOM & Appelation of Origin

      Agave´´s species for Mezcal 

      Joven´´s Mezcal Taste Meeting (3 different concept of Mezcal´´s, (artisanal, handcrafted & industrial)


     3rd Day (Sunday) we will do a tasting of High End Tequila´s Extra Old (XO), one of this three,

     cristal from 5 years, we will know the process of the third Distillery and learn about the market

     & quality.


     Tequila market analisis (Agave vs Production & Exportation)

     How much worth the Alcohol Industry

     Analisis of the market (value, commercial, Premium & Super Premium Products)

      Horizontal & Vertical taste meeting (cata)

      CRT (Tequila Council Board) & CRM (Mezcal Council Board) work

      Labeling of products. How to identify a official product of Tequila & Mezcal



With the explosion of tequila’s popularity, many people have wanted to learn more about it.  The experience provided by Tequila Culture Expeditions  (TCE) are very fun, detailed and comprehensive. 


These tours cover more than just visiting distilleries, although that’s certainly one aspect of what you will expect. The Course Taller & Tour are run by an expert in the industry, and he will provide an unforgettable and rewarding experience.  While you will have a wonderful time, our tours are much more than just non-stop rolling parties. 


You should expect a detailed background of the culture of Mexico, both pre- and post-Hispanic.  You’ll be immersed in many aspects of what has made the tequila industry what it is today.  Being an expert in Mexican history, as well as being widely regarded as an influential expert in the tequila industry, Bernardo Torres is uniquely qualified to educate and provide the attendees of Tequila Culture Expeditions.


Recognized as a professional speaker in Worldwide Company Conventions, he share all his experience to live a enjoyable time in your whole visit.


Bernardo Torres wrote "El Arte de Conocer, Saborear y Admirar Tequila" a book about several interesting items around the most famous Mexican Spirit. You can buy it in Amazon,  Tequila Book

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