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Course -Taller and Tour "Connoisseur" A fun experience to learn Tequila & Mezcal
Course -Taller and Tour "Connoisseur" A fun experience to learn Tequila & Mezcal 

For reservation of one person:


ü     950 Usd tax included, payment must be made before the course, with your credit card (downside).





           Course - Taller- Tour 




          Professional Teacher, Certified  as Master Catador on Tequila & Tequilero Technician (UAG)


Br      Meal  


          Travelers Insurance.


          Blind Tequila & Mezcal Tasting.



  Doesn´t include


  • Airfare or transportation to Guadalajara, Jalisco, México Airport. If you need to be picked up, please ask for to consultorcatador@gmail.com  with extra-charge of 50 Usd per transfer.
  • Your own personal expenses of the trip
  • Breakfast & dinners in general.



Or you can pay by international transfer.



Name Juan Bernardo Torres Mora

Account 255/5534178  (this account is set in Mexican Pesos)

CLABE 002320025555341786



How should I prepare for travel to México?


  • In the Jalisco área, it will be around 15º to 30º Celsius degrees (53.2º -86º F).
  • Remember to bring a mix of short pants / jeans and short- and short-sleeved shirts.
  • Tennis or running shoes (we will be doing some walking).
  • [Would it be a good idea to bring a lightweight jacket? Prepare also in case of rain.
  • We will have a formal dinner on Friday night so, you can prepare your outfit for this.
  • ATMs are readily available everywhere.  You may use them for cash, and you may take advances to credit cards some locations.  Many have found it useful to have cards to use the ATMs, as not all places will take credit cards (and you should keep your card numbers safe).  Should you be interested in buying souvenirs, food, etc., local currency is the best way to do so.
  • You are encouraged to bring your camera.
  • Cell phones work, and even smart phones have data access most places.  However, be sure your plan covers international usage.  Without a specific international plan, you will likely be charged a very high price for phone, text, and data usage.  It is likely your provider will be able to turn on your international plan just before your departure from your homecountry, and turn it off again upon your return to minimize costs.  Don’t forget to ask your telephone provider whether your specific phone will work internationally.
  • Bringing packing material to protect tequila bottles acquired is a good idea.
  • We strongly suggest you bring nothing that could be seen as a weapon.  No pocket knives, etc.
  • It is suggested you make a hotel reservation for at least the evening prior to the start of the tour near the departure restaurant, and arrive the day before the tour starts.
  • Hotel,  You can stay at the next hotels nearby to Expo Guadalajara (Convention Center)


Juan Bernardo Torres Mora

Isla Salomon 2253, casa 11

Entre Isla Antigüa e Isla Hebridas
Colonia Jardines de San José,
44950 Jalisco, México

Cel +52 1 33 12847040 Of 33 3663 4391 (leave message)


skype: juan.bernardo.torres.mora


Emergency (night) 52 1 33 3632 4799


E-mail: consultorcatador@gmail.com

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